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Techrista is a Digital Marketing Agency based in Bangalore consisting of Creative Experts & Strategists. Our Digital Marketing Services includes expertise in Digital Marketing Intelligence, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Pays Per Click & Google Adwords. Digital Marketing Services Bangalore, as the IT capital in India we have our presence in Bangalore as the leading Digital Marketing Agency in India. Techrista provides 360-degree digital marketing solutions for their clients with a better return on investments. Digital Marketing Services Bangalore based, that techrista provides is in a way that we dedicate our self to develop a unique marketing strategy for different clients based on the industry they wish to target. In addition to that, we Create brand value proposition strategy for our every client. Techrista only offers pure quality based services for all customers irrespective of their investment budget.

We Deliver Leads based upon:

Lead Quality——->Nurture Leads——–>Deliver Potential Leads

Purchase Behavior——->Past Transactions——->Past Behavior

Our Marketing Plan Flow Begins With

  • Situational Analysis
  • Defining Campaign Objectives
  • Creating Strategy
  • Audience & Performance Analysis

Results are usually driven based on these four areas:

  1. Awareness- First of all, awareness begins with the promotion of Brand Identity as well as Brand Image.
  2. Consideration-Secondly, the consideration stage begins with the analyzing of all available options.
  3. Purchase-Thirdly, the purchase stage begins with the proceeding to buy a product based on the requirement.
  4. Engage-Finally, the customer who had availed the services acts as the promoter of the Brand in the Market.

Which is why we are considered as the Best Digital Marketing Services Bangalore-based Agency.

Top Five Acquisition Channels Used all over the world
  • Website
  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Direct Mail

Five Acquisition Channels include social media

Acquisition Channels are selected based on the objective and goals we set for our campaigns. Acquisition Channel Marketing is most relevant in marketing campaign activity because this is the point where we persuade the customers to buy our products and services. This step is usually done by providing the customers with quality content. Among the top five acquisition channels website is considered as the most important and relevant one as it is the direct traffic which comes to the website, which measures to more than 55%. Then comes the email marketing platform which contributes to around 18% of the traffic. Next is the social media Platform which contributes to around 12%. Direct Mail in the form of letters, postcards, questionnaires is also one of the relevant platforms which measure up to 8% of the total traffic. Rest of the traffic comes through Search Engine Optimisation & Pays Per Click.

Furthermore, acquisition channels follow the principles like what are you optimizing the campaign for, What are the constraints you are facing, setting up your channel matrix, Fill in the values to complete the channel matrix information & always have an alternate channel option. In addition to that, customer acquisition happens through the acquisition channels by means of loyalty programs, customer referrals, offers, discounts, conveying relevant & quality information.

Digital Marketing Research

Furthermore, our recent research shows that most of the Indian internet users use the internet during a time period from 6:00 pm till midnight. From our research hence, it was clear that the internet users in India are more than that of the total internet users in China, which proves that India’s name as the “Emerging Superpower” is true to the context. Most noteworthy that, we should only communicate relevant information to a customer rather than trying to trick them to buy a product or service. First of all, Indian internet users access the internet through mobiles contributes to more than 80% of the total internet usage while the desktop& laptop usage measures up to 15% and the rest is through tablets and other devices. The most noteworthy fact is that when developing a marketing plan we should have:

  • Clear Objectives
  • Goals
  • Target Group
  • Types of Customers (whether potential or existing)
  • Type of Digital Marketing Channel used to get the maximum return

It is especially relevant that for a marketing strategy we should have both:

  1. Overall Goals-Business Goals & Campaign Goals
  2. Activity Goals- includes open rates, click through rates & conversion rates

Most Popular Digital Marketing Channels in India

  • Pays Per Click Marketing Channel
  • Affiliate Marketing Channel
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mobile Applications
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation

Popular Digital Marketing channels

Areas of Improvement required in the current digital marketing channels handled by most Digital Marketing Services Bangalore-based Companies
  1. Segmentation of Qualified Leads-First of all, classification of qualified leads is most important.
  2. Better Campaign Management-In addition, better campaign management delivers better results & ROI.
  3. Better Online Sales-In addition, online sales happen based on the quality of the content.
  4. Digital Marketing Intelligence-Furthermore, the ability to gather information from the digital marketing channels is also important for a Digital Marketing Specialist.
  5. Gain Competitor Intelligence-Furthermore, the ability to track the competitors helps to stay ahead of them.
  6. Better PR Management Required-Furthermore, better Public Review management gives better Brand Image.
  7. How to Handle Negativity-Finally, one should always be ready to counter negative comments and should constantly try to prevent them from occurring.

Therefore, the most noteworthy fact is to choose a Digital Marketing Agency with the expertise & skills to satisfy all the requirements put forth by the client. Finally, they should be able to backup their skills and expertise with appropriate project experience.

Digital Marketing Monthly Budget Spend by Top Brands

  • Less than Rs 50,000———————–48%(Small Scale Startups & Small Business Owners )
  • Between Rs 50,000-2 Lakhs————–25%(Medium Business Owners)
  • From Rs 2-10 Lakhs——————–15%(Real Estate Business Owners, Hotels, online election campaigns & Resorts)
  • More than Rs 10 Lakhs————————12%(Film Promotions & News Channels, )
As a result, the need for the Digital Marketing is increasing day by day to cope with the needs of the Internet Marketing Services.

Brands Use Digital Marketing Services to Increase

  • Sales Lead
  • Engagements
  • Social Media Reach
  • Brand Mentions
  • Brand Statements
  • Share of Voice
  • Brand Image
Finally, Digital Marketing Channels are able to provide the brands with better customer loyalty.

Digital Marketing Bangalore

Brand Team Challenges
  • Measuring Return On Investment of marketing campaigns
  • Driving relevant audience to the Website
  • Quality Content Creation
  • Finding the right Talent
  • Generate Quality Leads
  • Staying on par with Competitors
  • Accurate Market Research
Hence, Select only a Digital Marketing Agency best suits the requirements

Trends in Digital Marketing

  • Video Advertisements
  • Mobile Usage crosses Desktop usage
  • Dedicated Applications finds their way into the market
  • Search Algorithm Changes(Fred Algorithm)

Search Engine Algorithm

Google Algorithm is rumored to change by to Fred Algorithm

  • Unique high-quality content will be the key.
  • Categorize content
  • Match for Lost Keywords
  • Quality Backlinking will be the key

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