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The possibly to Build make India – digitalize India Platform (DIP) – A Digital India Initiative enforced by CSC e-Governance Services India Pvt Ltd. Participate in digitalizing India Initiative & Get Paid.


Organizations delivering citizen and customer centric services like Registration, Issuance of Certificates, Permits etc., involve extensive handling of documents. These documents are critical for effective service delivery. With increasing number of documents generated every day, storing and retrieving documents become an operational challenge. Many such organizations convert these documents into images through scanning. In most of the cases, it is not being done appropriately as it is a human intensive and costly process. This leaves the organization with digital images which cannot be retrieved and data cannot be processed.

Digitize India Platform

DIP is an initiative of Government of India under Digital India program to provide digitization services from scanned document images or physical documents for any organization. Its purpose is to digitize and use all existing content to make data extracts and records management for various formats and media, languages, digitization and document management. It features an automated platform for processing and extracting relevant data from document images in a format that may use for the analysis. Lead the DIP to lead organizations towards the paperless office, provide available data on demand to the citizens, increase the collection of free archived documents and digital public service delivery.

How does it work?

If an organization has also received the scanned documents/images; Dip can help extract data related to them and provide data extracts in a useful manner. DIP provides solutions to all these challenges for all these challenges in order to present logically verified data with human intelligence, as shown below: If an organization is still using paper-based documentation, then DIP can convert them into pictures and can digitize them.

How to join the Digitize India Platform

It’s a simple three-step process to start earning rewards:

Step 1- Go to digititindia.gov.in and register as a user. It’s as simple as creating an email account

Step 2 – Sign in with your user ID/password and start digitizing

Step 3 – Digitize India platform will facilitate checking the accuracy, calculating awards, and paying the user/participant.

DIP Registration form

How to submit records for digitization to DIP

Any organization can record their records for the digitization of CSC Records, SCV Records should be preferably in the scanned image form. However, those organizations who want to submit physical records will have to pay for different scanning.

CSC helps in creating a template of SPV pages being digitized and presents a template for depositing organization records. After this, the data/records for digitization are processed.

Who can participate under DIP

All self-identified persons can be part of this digitization initiative:

  • Housewives
  • Students
  • Part time workers
  • Members of the general public
  • NGOs

Advantage People

Earn to every character that you digitize, earn at that place. Soon digitization will be available as a mobile app. One step can digitize data.

Digitally, India platform leverages an innovative algorithm and technique to enable digitization at reasonable prices to digitize any kind of record, while keeping it safe. Since the platform uses forums, so it provides opportunities for people to create income for everyone to facilitate people to facilitate them from home or place/place. Each word/phrase should be sent to the algorithm randomly selected for the two disconnected persons. Each person digitizes and submits the word if both of them match the digitization then they are rewarded according to many digitization characters. Based on successfully digitized words, the user submits the prize and whenever he wishes, this amount can be deposited directly into his bank account.

Document process under DIP

Benefit Associated with DIP

Digitized data extracts generated by DIP would help an organization in:

  • Indexing the document images by using the data extracts
  • Managing, retrieving, and accessing document images through keyword-based search
  • Use the data extract as automated data inputs in IT applications avoiding manual data entry
  • Store the data extract for analysis and informed decision making
  • Repurpose, reproduce and share the data in different formats for ex. Printed forms, PDF files etc.
  • Safeguard against physical disasters by replicating the data across different formats and locations
  • Secure the document and data access by using restricted access and encryption techniques
  • Digitally store documents and save space cost

Type of Data/Documents digitized using DIP?

Document image which is human readable and is a register with a defined structure like printed form or defined rows and columns, however, it is suggested that you digitize those documents which are produced in high quantity, their same document structure And often require access. Multilingual text, numerical and alphanumeric data can be processed and removed from duplicated document pictures.

Credit- meatyCSC

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