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A proposal to set up a Centre of Excellence(CoE) for Internet of Things(IoT) at Bengaluru with an outlay of Rs 2195.22 Lac, to be executed jointly by ERNET India and NASSCOM is establishing the Centre of Excellence forInternet of Things (CoE-IoT) along with DEITY, ERNET and Govt.of Karnataka to build IoT ecosystem on a pan-India basis partnering with start-ups, enterprises, academia, nd government to drive innovation in IoT space which will help India to attain a leadership role in this field.

The Centre ofExcellence for IoT was announced by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in July 2015 as a part of Digital India Initiative to jump start the IOT ecosystem taking Benefits of India’s IT Powers and helps in the role of the country’s leadership in the infected areas of hardware and software. The main objective of the center is to create innovative applications and domain capability.Additionally, the center will help build industry capable talent, start-up community and an entrepreneurial ecosystem for IOT.

CoE-IoT will operate on a PPP model and act as an enabler to drive various initiatives by leveraging Academia, Industry, Government andProfessional free URL redirection will drive various programs for start-ups, enterprise and academia separately.

Start-up program will provide collocation space, mentoring support and enterprise connect along with design, prototype, incubation space, validation & testing space, demo space and concept labs. CoE will provide multi-technology and interoperable platform for creating a validated product.

Inauguration of First center of excellence
Enterprise program will provide the enterprises with an access to the start-ups including curated connects linked to strategy. Enterprises under CoE will get connected toVirtual Corporate Accelerator and External innovation labs. Enterprises can make use of the CoE as an extended laboratory for testing and validate them in-house solutions under multiple protocols, and on concept labs in a specific environment like Smart City, Smart agriculture etc.

Academic Program will include curriculum development, Industry access, college incubation, leveraging the infrastructure, Internship programs, faculty development program, deeper research engagement etc. Participating colleges could also leverage the infrastructure on display as well as access industry projects for development and validation of their institution. Academic leaders could also participate in embedded engineering innovation programs.

CoE-IoT will strengthen in India’s IT industry by fostering growth and development in IoT.

This center was launched by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India on 1st July 2015 while inaugurating Digital India Week.


  • To create innovative applications and domain capability across verticals for country’s needs such as Smart City, Smart Health, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Agriculture, etc.
  • To build industry capable talent, start-up community and entrepreneurial ecosystem for IoT.
  • To provide an ecosystem for innovation to thrive and embrace entrepreneurship.
  • By providing neutral and interstate, multi-technology stack laboratory facilities for reducing costs in research and development and reducing costs.
  • To reduce import dependency on IoT components and promote indigenization.
  • To position India as a provider of the end-to-end solution in engineering space.
  • To provide an environment for product creation, testing and also for validation & incubation.


Capacity Creation:

  • The democratization of IoT Innovations through incubation on multi-platform Technology Labs for – Concept validation to product/solution realization.
  • Standardization and qualification support for in-country and global needs.
  • Enable complete solutions stack with maximum components from India.
  • Development IoT ecosystem with a collective capacity of stakeholders.
  • Public Private Partnership model with seed fund from Government with industry and academia as key stakeholders & Program Management by NASSCOM.

Benefits of Center of Excellence on IoT

Start-up/Small Medium Enterprises

  • Use of Open Technology Stack; Access to Industry Experts/ Consultants Showcasing the prototype/project to companies.
  • Access to students to work on projects.


Future products for cross-functional business process enhancement in various industry verticals.

Engineering Service providers, Global MNCs

  • “Risk-free” demand technology lab
  • On demand proficiency center for skill up-gradation
  • Access to industry ready talent, technical experts, and consultants


  • Availability of technology lab for faculty/researchers.
  • Industry standard proficiency courses for upgrading skills.
  • Platform for offering special course/consulting projects.


  • Attract more FDI to India; Encourage domestic manufacturing.
  • Help build IoT ecosystem.
  • Cross-domain application.
  • Build capability in IoT for Internal Security, Adopt global standards.

IOT analytics Solution


  • Trained manpower
  • Innovative Ideas
  • Prototypes for new products.

Students/job seekers

  • Internships on IoT projects.
  • Access to Industry Experts/ courses/showcase of talent

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