Digital Locker now integrates with UIDAI


Digital Locker integrated with UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India), marking the biggest document integration for the former till date. The UIDAI will now be a registered issuer of DigiLocker, joining over 20 others.

Digilocker or digital locker is a service that provides a secure and safe electronic space for the storing of important documents for a citizen of India, this service provides by Digital India. Being a part of the India Stack, this integration between DigiLocker and UIDAI means that over 1.09 billion people in India, the number so far covered under the Aadhaar initiative, Now the digitizers can use their digital base in real-time via desktop and mobile applications.

Beta version of Digi Locker

According to the official Digital Blog, the 290 million driving licenses and vehicle registration certificates (issued by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways), 150 million LPG records (issued by Petroleum and Natural Affairs Ministry) among other national digital documents already available in the Digital Miller Gas), and 10 million CBSE points sheet and certificates.

How does the DigiLocker-Aadhaar integration work-

UIDAI issues all Aadhaar card holders a digitized version of the card called eAadhaar. This can be downloaded from the UIDAI website after entering relevant details and authenticating oneself. You can then store it somewhere on your computer or some cloud account. But now with the DigiLocker-UIDAI integration, you can get this digital copy of Aadhaar directly in your DigiLocker account. All you have got to try to is to check in for a DigiLocker and adjust it with Aadhaar – the digital Aadhaar automatically shows up in your issued documents section. It can be shared and used like any DigiLocker document. Another advantage is that your digital Aadhaar now has a fixed and secure storage location – you know where to look for it when needed.

Linking with aadhar

How does work Digilocker-

This particular move marks a big push for the digitization of digital records in the country.

A digitized version of the card also issued by UIDAI in the past that is called aadhar card. This can also be downloaded from the UIDAI website after proper authentication of oneself.

any person those wants the digital copy of their aadhaar directly into their Digi locker account from the Digi locker integration, without having the risk of placing it on a computer or cloud account and losing it.

The blog further says that all a customer needs to do is to sign up for a DigiLocker and sync it with Aadhaar – the digital Aadhaar automatically shows up in your issued documents section. It is shared and used like several DigiLocker document.

What’s more, another advantage is that your digital Aadhaar now has a fixed and secure storage location – you know where to look for it when it’s needed.

The following are some key graphs on the uptake of DigiLocker:

Month wise registrations-

In January, the total registration of DigiLockers stood at 4.2 million, according to official data. This is less than 100,000 of an increase since December 2016.

Month wise registrations

Age-wise registration

According to data, the highest number of subscribers to DigiLockers are in the age bracket of 21-30, with close to 575,000 subscribers. The second highest subscriber base, meanwhile, is the 31-40 category, with over 380,000 subscribers.

Age-wise registration

Monthly uploaded documents

On the monthly transfer front, official data states that there was a complete of roughly six million documents uploaded in January 2017. This number stood at 5.68 million in December, therefore, indicating no substantial increase.

Monthly uploaded documents

Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh have the highest user bases, with almost 1.8 million registered users each. With 4.2 million users in the country, this linkage with UIDAI will lead to more signups for DigiLockers. At present, the country has 24 issue organizations of DigiLockers.

In September last year, it was also announced that DigiLocker partnered with road transport and highways ministry to allow users to store vehicle documents in the digital locker.

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